Assignment: Poster advertising a social issue of personal interest.

Food not Bombs was a fun assignment even though it turned out nothing like I imagined at the start of the project. I wanted it to be more pro-active and have photos of volunteers serving food, but all of my attempts to connect with a group failed. I happened upon the homeless man and talked to him for a while and he reluctantly let me take his picture (I loved the "No Left Turn" sign behind him.) I took the picture of City Hall on one of my failed outings looking for the FOOD NOT BOMBS group.
Finished Original 12x18 poster


Assignment: Any size, format or media with a
theme of one of The Seven Deadly Sins..


I choose Envy. I was inspired by my own experience as a young teen wishing to look like the curvaceous Barbie Dolls I had played with. The right images were difficult to find. Interesting enough I finally found a photo of my daughter looking into a mirror by our front door--so I just cut her out. The right bedroom was difficult to find as well (gilrs bedrooms in magazines look much too frilly), this one I found in Life Magazine in an article about an astronaut (I erased him). I chose the old-fashioned Barbie for her slinky sexy look.



Susan is a member of the Technical Support Staff at a Community College. She is also a freelance Graphic Designer and Web Designer. She can be emailed at

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