Assignment: Design a postage stamp.
Choose a current event or current topic of interest.

From my first Illustrator Class. That summer the Golden Gate Bridge turned 60. I learned all I know about the pen tool in this class. Finished Original 8x10


Assignment: Design a magazine cover for a mock San Francisco magazine. Choose a current event or current topic of interest.

The week the assignment was given Treasure Island reopened to the public with a huge Jazz & Blues Festival. I drew the images and then scanned them and used them as templates to recreate in Illustrator, with the exception of the water, which was a pattern tile that I edited the color and size. Finished Original 8x10


Assignment: "Technical" illustration, choosing an image for a template that would require many blends.

Still learning the many blend mode techniques. I certianly learned a lot doing this assignment. Finished original: 8x10



Assignment: Choose one of the -ISMS
and design a modern-day piece.

From Typography class. Choose Futurism. Created in CorelDraw. Downloaded some yoyos from the Yomega web site to use in the mock ad for a yoyo repair business. Finished original: 8x10

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